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Quarterly News Review

Again - a State of the Union business update, so skip if you want cat pics!


those of you who have seen the Cat & Cauldron shop in the last 4 months, and heard the mantra -

'we're shifting the shop around over the winter',

will be somewhat amused to see that most things are still in the 'wrong' places.

Shutting down the two premises in autumn took a lot of time and effort, and adjusting to the new single-shop regime, and also a lot more external work for both of us, has left us with little time/energy for the great internal reshuffle, but it is becoming critical as footfall now starts to increase.

That said, things are of course constantly changing. We are now the main public portal for the Helios School of Hermetic Magick, with one of our windows adorned with Ceremonial paraphernalia, and this has also encouraged us to get a proper working current mailing list together - if you've ordered from us any time since 2007 don't be surprised if you get a newsletter soon!

We have also added at least three more collections of books to the ever growing, now ever groaning shelves. Ghosts, Vampires, and antique Theosophical titles are now well represented, and in line with our more serious .

We are also in negotiation for a limited Share flotation, which will secure funds to upgrade our top quality stock. This is in direct response to the lack of interest the bank are showing in those of us trying to get out of the recession on our own thank you - we'd rather share the profits than keep paying your charges.....

On the web front, we have borrowed a camera and a light tent, and given a few quieter days towards the end of this month we will start to refresh and improve the quality of website pictures. We are also taking the opportunity to remove a lot of things which are no longer available. Web maintenance is indeed an Augean task.

T. is working in the Ring O Bells at Wookey, now run by Nigel Bourne, who has some interesting entries on his CV, and Liz has at least 3 separate teaching contracts. Working on our own again now, and especially with all the external duties, we're maybe not exactly 'comfortable' yet, but given that we only have one shop to manage, we're certainly comfortable-er.....


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Mar. 7th, 2013 06:15 pm (UTC)
Comfortable-er is a step up. Well done.
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